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lUltradot Non warranty
Post by: SHMIV
Seems to me that they should have some obligation to honor the warranty that they still offer.

Did you run up the chain of command, or stop at the first person to answer the phone? In th...

Kennesaw bank robbery
Post by: AlanM
In 1982 when the law was passed Kennesaw had a population of about 9,000.
Currently its population is ov

CHP News - PWC Is on Point!
Post by: Snakester
:pistol: That is pretty quick.....Glad to

How not to do it...
Post by: WRW
As for this guy with the Russian sounding name, his actions "testing his Constitutional Rights" totally disregard his First Amendment restrictions...akin to yelling, "Fire" in a crowded th...

Just moved from PA
Post by: SHMIV

It's been a while since I've been to a gun store in your area, so I'd be hard-pressed to recommend one. Though, I don't recall anything unpleasant, in regard to the one near the ...

Concealed carrying of rifles?
Post by: SHMIV
Yeah... And a lot has happened in 7 years. Virginia has gotten a lot bluer.

In some respects, I imagine that the jurisdiction that you are in, could make a difference. In some areas, you...

Hunting doe with a 357 snub nose? legal and ethical?
Post by: SHMIV
"All that doesn't mean squat when it comes to what is/is not legal, but we know who makes laws - people that usually have little to no understanding of what they're telling everyone else...



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