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A Response to a Cowardly Parent
Post by: WRW
Good article. And she brings up the over penetration issue. Any bets that David Ortiz was shot with a solid round, given that a Mr. Lopez was hit by the same bullet?

[ Post made via Mobi...

Virginia Beach shooting and a question
Post by: AlanM
These gun-prohibitions didn’t keep us safe in Virginia Beach. Why would new laws work any better?
-The murderer passed a required background check. The background checks, which look...

.357 Magnum Lever Action rant.
Post by: Afrikaner82
I only have one lever gun and it is a Henry golden boy in 45LC.

I bought it and a Uberti Navy revolver in 45LC so I have a revolver and rifle in same caliber.

I am thinking about get...

Lobby Day - VCDL Special Session
Post by: wittmeba
Lobby Day - VCDL Special Session

Old, white Cherokee
Post by: fiasconva
Yes, but less than 1% of it was Cherokee. The rest was various other b

Not New. Just Returning.
Post by: domin8ss
Thanks. The 34 isn't close to being done. The lower half is complete. The upper is just a blank slide right. I'm sending it to Southwest Precision in Arizona for some milling, the...

Post by: domin8ss
I'm a bit young to participate in this, so I guess I'll just stick to IDPA at NCRR in Chesapeake. Best of luck to you. Maybe one day my .22lr AR will get some use.

Sent from my SM-N...

WaPo crowing about coming Virginia gun control
Post by: wittmeba
The typical answers are:
- We need more gun control -- very unqualified canned response with no further definition.
- We need background checks -- another very unqualified canned resp...



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